Cutting edge Endoscopic imaging system launched in the UK

DP Medical has launched XION’s innovative new range of Spectar channelled videoscopes to the UK market.

The novel adaptive endoscopic imaging system compiles of a single device that comprehensively provides the features required for performing all endoscopic examinations and interventions.

Working exclusively with the XION Spectar camera systems that is open to current and future technologies, the equipment sustainably accommodates the trend towards increasingly shorter innovation cycles.

It also configures itself automatically to the wide range of HD, 4K, 2D, 3D camera heads and video endoscopes. Without the need for any additional settings, the user immediately receives a video image of the highest quality.

The Spectar XN P20 and XN S20 both feature a 2mm working channel for facilitating biopsy samples, injections and laser fibre insertion.